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The Shadowlords are located within the Yew Crypts found in the Yew Forest. The entrance to the crypts is northeast of the town center a good way. The sign-up stone sits outside the door to enter the crypts.

Titles A player's faction score assigns faction rank. The faction member's rank is determined by the percentage of points they have, compared with the faction's total kill points. Titles vary from faction to faction with each rank. Faction rank is updated immediately as points are gained or lost.


1   Below 20%      Servant 
2     20-39%       Servant 
3     40-49%       Servant
4     50-59%       Keeper of Lies
5     60-69%       Keeper of Lies
6     70-79%       Keeper of Lies
7     80-89%       Bringer of Sorrow
8     90-94%       Bringer of Sorrow
9     95-99%       Agent of Evil
10   99.1-100%     Purveyor of Darkness