Sewing Kits

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Runic Sewing Kits are acquired by turning in specific Bulk Order Deeds in game to NPC tailors or weavers. There are (3) different runic sewing kits. Spined/Horned/Barbed. There is no regular leather runic sewing kit. Each item crafted using a runic sewing kit has special magical abilities imbued on it when crafted. These abilities range from Durable/Defense to Indestructable/Invulnerability. It is also possible to get 8 charge horned leather runic sewing kits, and 2 charge barbed leather runic kits from SoS's and treasure maps!

  • Spined Leather Runic Sewing Kit
    • Durable/Defense
      • 45 charges
  • Horned Leather Runic Sewing Kit
    • Massive/Hardening
      • 30 charges
  • Barbed Leather Runic Sewing Kit
    • Indestructable/Invulnerability
      • 15 charges

When runic armor is crafted by a players tailor, it has a chance to be "exceptional". When this runic armor is exceptional, it has an extra armor modifier that makes it stronger than an actual world drop with the same armor modifiers.