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Runic hammers are acquired by turning in specific Bulk Order Deeds in game to NPC blacksmiths. There are (8) runic hammers ranging from dull copper to valorite. There is no iron runic hammer. Each type of runic hammer has special magical abilites imbued on it when it is crafted. These abilities range from Durable/Accurate to Indestructable/Vanquishing/Supremely Accurate. Each hammer has 50 charges, and can create 50 weapons. It is also possible to get a single charge valorite hammer from SoS's and treasure maps!

  • Dull Copper
    • Durable/Accurate
  • Shadow Iron
    • Durable/Ruin/Accurate
  • Copper
    • Fortified/Ruin/Surpassingly Accurate
  • Bronze
    • Fortified/Might/Supassingly Accurate
  • Gold
    • Indestructable/Force/Eminently Accurate
  • Agapite
    • Indestructable/Power/Eminently Accurate
  • Verite
    • Indestructable/Power/Exceedingly Accurate
  • Valorite
    • Indestructable/Vanquishing/Supremely Accurate

When a runic weapon is crafted by a players blacksmith, it has a chance to be "exceptional". When this runic weapon is exceptional, it has an extra damage modifier that makes it stronger than an actual world drop with the same damage modifiers. For example a vanquishing katana off a monster has a +9 damage modifier. An exceptional vanquishing katana from a player has a +9 modifier plus a 20% damage boost.

Tips: When crafting using runic hammers, equipping an ancient smithing hammer can raise your skill by (+10, +15, +30, +60) skill points. Ancient smithing hammers are also obtained through the bulk order deed system as BOD rewards. If you have 100 blacksmithing, you could potentially craft with 160 skill. By having this elevated skill, your chance at failing, or crafting a non-exceptional weapon is greatly reduced. Simply equip the ancient smithing hammer, And click on the runic hammer in your bag. Each runic hammer will use the same type of ingots to make the weapon. To make a valorite war hammer, you will need valorite ingots.