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Your First Day

First Time Logging In

The first time you log in, there are a couple things you should know. One is new accounts need to register a valid email in order to trade/transfer houses. If you have not registered your account, you will be prompted to do so every time you log in with a character on that account with a gump in the top left corner of your screen. It is not required for you to register, however as stated before, you will not be able to transfer houses to or from other players until you have done so.


Remember to vote!!!! Not only does voting help the server out in many ways, it can also be rewarding, especially for newer players. You can vote once a day and each time you will be rewarded. Rewards range from blessed vote clothing, to 10,000 gold bank checks and even rarely, a clothing bless deed.

Voting every day can help new players with a bit of starting cash to buy necessary resources and skill training.

Newbie Dungeon

The newbie dungeon only allows new characters with a certain amount of skills and in-game time to enter. Once you have exceeded the skill total or game time, you will no longer be able to enter, however if you are already inside you can continue to work your skills in safety until you leave.

There are several entrances to the Newbie Dungeon spread throughout the world, but the most easy to find is the one located right next to the Britain Inn, that most players start off at. It is on the east side of the building surrounded by boulders.

There is no player vs player combat allowed inside the newbie dungeon. It is a safe place for you to train some necessary skills needed to survive in the open world or get a bit of easy gold to help you start.

Skill Gain

Hybrid skill gain is fairly easy and as such it doesn't take long to have your first 7 GM (Grandmaster) character. Odds are if this is your first character, you will either want to build a warrior or an animal tamer first since neither take much money in order to make a good build and they are typically the best templates for farming gold in PvM.

There are some things you need to know in order to maximize your skill gain and minimize time invested.

  • Work the hardest skills first.

Though skill gain is easy, the closer you get to the 700 skill cap, the harder skill becomes to gain just like it gets harder to go from 90-100 in a single skill. With that being said, you should try to work the harder skills or skills that require resources to gain, first.

  • Unattended Macroing is Legal, in most cases.

Afk macroing your skills is completely legal, however not all forms of afk macroing are, including some methods used to gain skill. Make sure you read over the Rules section to see if the method you're wanting to use is legal or not. If you have further questions about a skill gaining technique and wish to know if it's legal, please contact staff either in game or on our Discord server.

  • First character could be temporary.

Sometimes, if you work easy skills first, it is almost worth it to delete the character and start fresh rather than spend the effort trying to get them to 7x. The reason for this is because say you made a warrior first to make some money to build a mage. Odds are your magic resist skill will be pretty low while your other warrior abilities will be fairly high, if not already GM'd. This means that magic resist just became that much harder to work and will require more time to GM it and/or a lot more resources to do so. As a result, it would not only be quicker to start a new character, working their magic resist first (if you already have obtained the resources for it), but also cheaper since warrior skills can typically be trained while afk and cost nothing other than a few trash weapons bought off an NPC vendor. Overall, skill gain is still fairly easy and you do not have to work the hardest skills first, it will just go quicker. It's still possible to GM that warrior's magic resist at 690 skill points, it would just take longer than if it were the first skill done.

Best Ways to Make Gold

The road to becoming Scrooge McDuck and being able to swim in your own swimming pool full of gold coins can be a long one, but with a little patience and a lot of perseverance, you can live out that dream. There are a variety of ways you can make a living, but we will discuss some of the best and easiest ways for new players.

  • Voting

As stated before, voting can give you a quick and free 10,000 gold once a day, among other items. It isn't much, but it does help, especially in the beginning. If nothing else, it pays for your recall regs for that day.

  • Events

Doing staff hosted events can often be extremely rewarding. From our normal PvP events and the event points that come from them, to some of our other unique events with unique rewards, you can often sell items obtained just for playing and participating. You can always keep these treasures for yourself and create your own collection.

  • Monster Contracts

Low end monster contracts can be a great way to get some starter gold. Hybrid coin sells for a lot of gold to other players and can be a great source of income while training a new character. Check the Monster Contracts page for more information on where to obtain and complete them.

  • Town Invasions and Rifts

These are not for the solo or unprepared new player, however when they happen you can often team up with other players to clear the towns and rifts. The bosses will give power scrolls and other special items that you can then sell or use yourself. You will most likely die (a lot), especially if you're by yourself, it's part of the game, but you might also meet some players that will help you out or let you tag along to clear the spawn.