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Runic Fletching Kits are acquired by killing the hybrid dragon. There are (3) types of runic fletching kits. Each runic fletching weapon has special magical abilities imbued on it when crafted. These abilities range from Fortified/Ruin/Surpassingly Accurate to Indestructable/Vanquishing/Supremely Accurate.

  • Oak Runic Fletching Kit
    • Fortified/Ruin/Surpassingly Accurate
      • 45 charges
  • Ash Runic Fletching Kit
    • Indestructable/Force/Eminently Accurate
      • 35 charges
  • Yew Runic Fletching Kit
    • Indestructable/Vanquishing/Supremely Accurate
      • 25 charges

When a runic weapon is created by a players bowcrafter/fletcher, it has a chance to be "exceptional". When this runic weapon is exceptional, it has an extra damage modifier that makes it stronger than an actual world drop with the same damage modifiers. For example, a vanquishing bow off a monster has a +9 damage modifier. An exceptional vanquishing bow crafted by a player has a +9 damage modifier plus a 20% damage boost.