Custom Paragon System

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The Custom Paragon System spawns higher end versions of a specific monster. These monsters will have an increased loot table, and will be much more difficult than normal. Each month, a new group of monsters with have the possibility to spawn as Paragon. These monsters will be displayed in a different hue that sets them apart from their counterparts. In addition to having a specialty loot table, these monsters of the month have the chance to drop a locked chest. Be wary when opening these chests, you may be in for a surprise! Check the table below for the specific Month/Monster Group/Hue.

January (Elementals 2732): Blood Elemental/Air Elemental/Snow Elemental/Earth Elemental/Fire Elemental/Water Elemental/Ice Elemental/Acid Elemental/Poison Elemental

February (Arachnid 2739): Giant Spider/Dread Spider/Giant Black Widow/Terathan Drone/Terathan Warrior/Terathan Matriarch/Terathan Avenger/Ant Lion/Scorpion

March (Fey 2735): Pixie/Ethereal Warrior/Wisp/Shadow Wisp/Meer Captain/Meer Warrior/Centaur/Meer Eternal/Tree fellow

April (Undead 1105): Lich/Lich Lord/Zombie/Skeleton/Skeletal Knight/Bone Knight/Ancient Lich/Bone Mage/Skeletal Mage

May (Reptilian 1979): Ancient Wyrm/Shadow Wyrm/Giant Serpent/Dragon/Sea Serpent/Drake/Silver Serpent/Wyvern/Deep Sea Serpent

June (Humanoid 2949): Troll/Ettin/Orc/Orcish Lord/Ogre/Ogre Lord/Savage Rider/Savage Shaman/Savage

July (Flame 1359): Hell Hound/Lava Serpent/Predator Hell Cat/Phoenix/Fire Gargoyle/Hell Cat/Lava Snake/Lava Lizard/Efreet/Daemon

August (Desert 2953): Sand Vortex/Titan/Cyclops/Desert Ostard/Harpy/Ratman/Scorpion

September (Mage 2076): Evil Mage/Evil Mage Lord/Juka Mage/Orcish Mage/Khaldun Zealot/Savage Shaman/Meer Mage/Ratman Mage

October (Poisonous 1271): Oni/Poison Elemental/Acid Elemental/Scorpion/Wyvern/Giant Spider/Dread Spider/Giant Black Widow/Giant Serpent

November (Abyss 1108): Abysmal Horror/Balron/Bone Demon/Chaos Daemon/Moloch/Arcane Daemon/Enslaved Gargoyle/Gargoyle Destroyer/Gargoyle Enforcer/Stone Gargoyle

December (Frost 1282): Arctic Ogre Lord/Frost Ooze/Ice Fiend/Unfrozen Mummy/Frost Spider/Lady Of The Snow/Frost Troll/Ice Snake/Ice Serpent/Giant Ice Worm