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In order for you to connect to Hybrid, there are some steps you must first take. If you already have the default UO client installed and fully patched, with your chosen assistant (such as Razor), then simply select UO Hybrid in the server settings and you can log in immediately to play.

Download and Patch Client

The first thing you will need to do is download the client from

Once you have downloaded and installed the client, go into the install folder and launch the game to begin patching. Patch up fully as we will always use the latest patch.

Download Assistant

Next you will need to choose a third party assistant program. (Note: Veritas is it's own client and assistant, however in order to create an account you must first login using Razor or UOSteam, then create a character. After this you can login through Veritas.)

Each has their own features that different players prefer. So choose whichever one you're want and download/install it.

Once it is installed, make sure to always run the program as Administrator. Launch the program and make sure that the directories point to where your newly downloaded UO client is located. (Note: Auto-Detect does work in most cases, however if you have multiple clients downloaded with custom files, it is advised that you point it to a non-custom client and files.)

Next, you will simply select UO Hybrid from the server drop down menu and start the game up.

Creating an Account

Accounts do not require verification to be created. All you need to do is type in a username and password that is unique and not in use. Once you have created your first character, it is suggested that you register your account through the in game menu that appears each time you login until the account has been registered.

There is a limit of 4 accounts you can create per IP. While you are allowed to have more than this, players caught abusing the system in any way could have all of their accounts deleted.

If you are a returning player seeking to recover your account, you will need to contact Plato on our Discord Server. Include as much information regarding the missing account as possible to help verify it is truly yours.

-Best of luck to you!-