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Faction Towns

There are eight faction towns. The four opposing factions battle each other for town control. Each faction town has a town stone and a town pedestal. Town stones are used for a number of reasons (explained further on). Town pedestals hold the town sigil, used to capture a town. The eight towns, and the location of each town's stone and pedestal are listed below.

  • Britain - located south of the mage shop on the east side of Britain
  • Skara Brae - located north of the provisioner's shop
  • Magincia - located southwest of the tavern
  • Vesper - located west of the docks
  • Minoc - located south of the tavern
  • Moonglow - located east of the provisioner's shop
  • Trinsic - located east of the meeting hall
  • Yew - located west of the healer

Capturing a Town

To capture a town, a faction member steals the town sigil. The sigil is a little gem on the town pedestal. The faction member needs at least 80.0 in stealing to steal a sigil. From there, the sigil must be transported to a stronghold within 15 minutes or it returns back to the town pedestal. The sigil can be passed to a faction mate by dbl clicking the sigil and targeting the faction mate; it cannot be passed with the normal drag and drop method. If a player is killed by an opposing faction member while in possession of the sigil, the sigil moves to the killer's backpack. If the player possessing the sigil dies by another means (for example, a monster), the sigil returns to the home location (the home location is the last stronghold tile/pedestal the sigil rested on). Once the sigil is set on the stronghold tile, the sigil's corruption begins. The corruption time last 12 hours, during which time the sigil must stay in the stronghold. It can be stolen by other factions during this time so it will need protection by the faction members. If it is successfully taken, it must be returned to the stronghold tile within 15 minutes or the corruption timer will need to be restarted. Once the sigil is corrupted, it needs to be returned to the town pedestal. The faction members have one hour to return the sigil to the town pedestal. If the corrupted sigil is not returned in an hour, it moves back to the faction tile where it last corrupted. While corrupted, opposing factions are able to steal the sigil. If the sigil is stolen, the opposing faction members can take the sigil to their base to restart the corruption process for their faction. If a sigil is corrupted and successfully returned to a town pedestal, the faction takes control of the town. This control last for a minimum of three days. During this time the sigil cannot be stolen, nor corrupted and the town is safe from further conquest. After the three days is up, the sigil again becomes available to steal although the faction still owns the town. They will continue to own the town until another faction corrupts the sigil and returns it to the town. Other related rules and restrictions The player with the town sigil temporarily hues purple while in possession of the sigil. This includes all equipped items on that player as well. The player in possession of the sigil cannot teleport, cast gate, recall, cast polymorph or incognito, nor use a disguise kit. Public moongates will not take them to the Delucia destination. The sigil cannot be placed in a container on the ground. The sigil can never be passed to a non-faction member nor a faction enemy. If a player logs out with a sigil, the sigil returns to the last home location.

Town Control

Once a faction has control of a town they can set tax rates, make town improvements by placing faction guards and faction vendors, and craft faction items within that town. Faction politics come into play here somewhat, with the various faction office positions and the duties assigned to each position.

Faction Tracking

Faction tracking allows faction players to track other faction players. Faction tracking can only be used from within a town or stronghold. All towns apply, not only faction towns. Outside of towns or strongholds, a faction player will get the normal tracking options. Faction tracking covers double the distance from a stronghold. Likewise, a city controlled by a faction will track double the distance for members of that faction. Safe zones do not show faction members in faction tracking.

Office Positions.

There are three office positions in factions. Faction Commander, Town Sheriff and Town Finance Minister. There can only be one Faction Commander but each faction controlled town can have a Town Sheriff and a Town Finance Minister. The Commander is elected by the faction members. The Town Sheriffs and Town Finance Ministers are appointed by the Commander