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Tailoring Bulk Order Deed rewards are threefold. After turning in a completed deed you will receive gold, fame, and an item based off of the difficulty of the BOD filled.

  • Rewards
    • Level 1 through Level 5 cloth
      • Common cloth- 100 yards per turn in
      • Uncommon cloth- 2 yards per turn in
    • BOD Hue Sandals available in all of the cloth colors
    • Stretched Hide Deed (decoration)
    • Tapestry Deed (decoration)
    • Polar and Brown Bear Rugs (decoration)
    • 105/110/115/120 Tailoring Powerscrolls
    • Clothing Bless Deed
    • Spined Runic Sewing Kit (magic armor)
      • 45 charges
    • Horned Runic Sewing Kit (magic armor)
      • 30 charges
    • Barbed Runic Sewing Kit (magic armor)
      • 15 charges

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