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Unique Rift Encounters

This is a hand-built system from the ground up that adds a whole new dimension to PvPvM content. While it is primarily focused on adding new PvM conent, this also lures in dungeon PK's and raiders.

Rift Basics

Rifts can spawn in almost any Felucca dungeon, the exceptions being mainly in the Lost Lands (t2a) dungeons like Terathan Keep and Khaldun.

The rift system will pick a random dungeon, then choose a random level of that dungeon to place the gate. The rift gate will take you to an exact duplicate of whatever level of the dungeon it spawns on, creating complete randomness to both the location and layout of each rift.

Once a location for the rift has been chosen, it will then choose a random set group of predefined paragon monsters to populate the rift with. These vary pretty widely and add another element of randomness to the rift system.

Every paragon has a chance to drop a paragon chest just like any paragon would and will follow that months Monster of the Month, which is explained in the Custom Paragon System section.

Once all the spawn has been cleared, it will then choose a random boss from a list of 6 that are currently activated. Each of the Bosses have their own unique abilities and will require you to find the best way to deal with them. Every boss will drop several paragon chests and has a good chance of dropping a Hybrid Artifact System weapon. It will also reward up to 3 power scrolls and a random champion skull. Upon death, it will spawn gold and Hybrid Coin on the ground around it.

Once a rift has been cleared, you will have some time to loot whatever you need and leave before the gate closes. The spawn time on rifts vary and will even occasionally have their base minimum and maximum times changed according to need.

It is good to note that inside of the rift, no creatures will spawn within 25 tiles of the entrance gate and the gate also acts as a resurrection gate when dead.

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