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Bulk Order Deeds, or "BODS" is a system for tailors and blacksmiths which allows them to fill orders from NPC's. The rewards give gold, fame, and items. To obtain a Bulk Order Deed, simply left click a tailoring or blacksmithing NPC and choose "Bulk Order Status". Bulk order deeds come in grey for blacksmithing, and green for tailoring. These deeds are blessed, and cannot be stolen. You are allowed one Bulk Order every three hours. If you fill an order, and turn it in, you can instantly get another order.

Small Bulk Orders are the primary type of BOD received if the crafter is 70 skill or higher. If the crafter is less than 70 skill, the requested BODs will ALWAYS be small BODs. At skill below 70, the BOD will always request “Normal” items (though exceptional items can also be put into the BOD), of base material (Iron for blacksmiths or cloth and regular leather for tailors). This makes them an ideal way to train.

Large Bulk Orders (often called LBODs) are less frequently obtained and difficult to fill, in that each large bulk order requires filling several small bulk orders of the requested types, and then those completed small BODs, are combined with the Large BOD in the same manner as items are combined with a small.

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